Sunday, January 17, 2010

You are the Wide Opened

Don’t go off sightseeing.

The real journey is right here.
The great excursion starts

from exactly where you are.
You are the world.

You have everything you need.
You are the secret.

You are the wide opened.
Don’t look for the remedy for your troubles
outside yourself.

You are the medicine.
You are the cure for your own sorrow.



  1. I don't disagree with Rumi, but I do think medicine has come a long way since the 13th century, and some carefully chosen help from outside of ourselves can be at times, well, helpful :-)

  2. Dr. J.,

    Of course, you're right.

    I believe that when we come from a place of taking personal responsibility for our lives, we can be confident that the outside help we seek is appropriate.

    In other words, most people seek change from the outside-in, but true transformation is forged from the inside-out.

    Thanks for your comment!