Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Found Poem (Almost Makes Housecleaning Enjoyable)

I was tempted to tweak, but resisted:

The Leaf (A Meditation)

I sit. I study. (Which is dusty with a small slight of hand.)
But look!
I peer out into
The vast grey vapor--
The beautiful chaos beyond the
Distorted order of this place.

Off in the distance,
(but not very far)
the growth of you
defies the backdrop
of the twisted steel and concrete monster
I have helped create.

Your birth was
so recent.
Yet, eternity surges through your veins;
(your green veins, not unlike my own).

I am human--
capable of communion,
connection and

I have hands--
the same as the hands
that transcribed the words of

You have no hands...

I have a heart,
the same as the Heart
that embraced the dead
and shrouded them with

You have no heart...

I have a mind,
the same as the Mind
that discovered the
Eternal Now.

You have no mind...

Can you tell me
why my hand
only pens nonsense?

Can you tell me
why my heart
only pumps blood?

Can you tell me
why my mind
remains lost
in the unreal?

Your mother pours her
through her delicate webbing.
In your short life
you shall know
the history
of other shores.
The dust within you
(as within me)
comes from the emanation of

So I sit--
recent trends;
distractions from
occupy my

But look!
Through the longing--
the legacy--
Higher Love--
Higher Life.

The lesson to the lowly
from the Lord.


copyright: Ruth Powers: 1995


  1. You certainly are quite an accomplished poet, Ruth! Thanks for sharing all these meaningful and thoughtful posts with us!

  2. Thank you for appreciating them, and for the lovely compliment!