Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I tried to follow Jesus:
"Seek and ye shall find,"
But trying was the problem:
I hunted with my mind.

I started with the basics:
Church, prayer and meditation,
Then got into the weirder stuff:
Attraction and Vibration.

But out of now/here came the Truth,
At long last I am seeing,
That nothing, no thing that I do
Can add unto my Being.

Ruth Powers, copyright 2009


  1. Thanks Shannon,

    BTW, I always wondered where that portrait of Michael, that appeared for awhile on his blog, came from. Now that I visited your blog and saw the bigger painting it came from, I know! (Didn't want to leave a comment there--it's an older post, so I thought you might miss it.)

    Thanks again,

  2. Cool, Ruth! Thanks for swinging by my blog! :D

  3. Came by to see the latest verse! Glad you are writing!

  4. Thanks Dr. J.,

    Me too. I never stop for TOO long.

  5. Ain't this the truth Ruth! The first verse reminds me back 25 years friend stopping by and asking me if I wanted to pray Jesus into my heart, like he was gonna pop in for a cuppa joe with us! Love it!

  6. Jesus needs to go to the Florida Keys for a vacation :-)

  7. Every path I walk, I walk alone,
    For the first time
    For the last time.
    Footprints never to be retouched or understood easily.
    But rejoice!
    Understanding comes in the end, as it was so easily understood at the beginning!

    Dr. J :-)