Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Response to Descartes

Excessive rumination
repels illumination,
fomenting inner rot:

I think, therefore I'm not.

Ruth Powers, copyright 2009


  1. Poetry!
    A wonderful thing to encounter on a Thursday.

    Sadly, the brain is not up to an intelligent comment (the wheel is still spinning, but the hamster has checked out), but I wanted to express my appreciation :)

  2. Hi Merry,

    That's OK--the poem is, after all, about non-thinking ;-)

    Thanks for your appreciation--always good to know that people are out there reading my little poems.

  3. I like your short but deep verse, Ruth!

    I used to joke I think I thought therefore I might be :-)

  4. ...or not!

    It's like the little engine who can't...I think I thought, I think I thought...

    Thanks Dr. J!

  5. Love it!

    Alas, as an excessive ruminator, I spend more time thinking, not being.

    I am thinking of not thinking so much but I think that thinking even more about thinking is the most likely result.

    Bad, bad brain.

  6. Crabby,

    Thank you, and glad you're back!

    Yes, I have the same problem, hence the poem.

    This poem composed itself in my head on a run when I just seemed to be swimming in monkey-mind. It was nice because it gave my thinking one focus instead of the usual 50 billion.