Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ode to Tax Day

While I stood in the endless line, I cried,
Yet still, I paid to send it certified.
Though I abhor the rape of other shores,
This fine spring day, I mailed my check for wars.

Ruth Powers, copyright 2009


  1. I do like this poem. It rings true. Hopefully, things will get better in that department.

  2. Hey, thanks little sister!

    Yes, we hope so. But, it seems like, just as things are maybe "getting better" in Iraq, they are getting worse in Afghanistan. It's very sticky.

    Maybe the silver lining of a crashing economy will be less money to kill people.

  3. Taxes are never for the benefit of the taxed.

    The karma we have acquired from what we have done to the world is a punishment that is endless. Somehow most people can't see the wrong in it.

  4. Dr. J.,

    Sadly, you speak the truth.