Sunday, November 8, 2009



Sarah, saddened by her childless state
Demands that Hagar lie with Abraham.
In doing so, she moves the hand of fate–
Lives out the drama of the great “I AM”.

As Ishmael plays in the endless sand,
Sarah feels a stirring in her womb.
A miracle wrought by stern Yahweh’s hand
Brings more new life into the desert tomb.

But Sarah’s joy is overcome by greed.
She banishes her slaves into the wild.
Her heart is hardened by her driving need
To prove that Isaac is God’s favored child.

And in the desert now, as was before,
The sons of Abraham are waging war.

Ruth Powers, copyright 2004


  1. :-) I like this poem, it's like taking a walk in my mind.

    I did a sculptural art piece to process the insanity focused in the Middle East called;

    "See no peace, hear no peace, speak no peace, rest in peace!"

  2. Very powerful and applicable teaching, reminds me to trust in the slow working of God, in Gods time, by God's will and plan. Really eye opening and profound, Thanks.

  3. Dr. J.,

    Thanks for your kind comment. I'd love to see your sculpture sometime. And as for the title: quite apropos!

    And thanks too, anon.