Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Joy Manifesto (top 10)

I recently encountered this: Happiness Manifesto.

But, happiness is an elusive quality, in my experience, that eludes you the more that you chase it. So, I decided to pen my own...

Joy Manifesto (top 10)

1. This too shall pass...seriously. (That's a cliche for a reason)

2. When tempted to argue, justify, defend or explain, bite your tongue, count to 10, breathe deeply, or whatever it takes to create distance between me and my automatic response. When I do that, the urge to argue, etc., almost always dissipates.

3. "Feel it to heal it." Michael Brown www.thepresenceportal.com. said this. Sage advice.

4. Now is all there is. Regretting the past and worrying about the future is a waste of my life.

5. My perception is my reality. There is no reality outside of my perception. So, I'd better be vigilant about my attitude!

6. Simplify. Less stuff (internal and external baggage)=more freedom.

7. Begin each day with meditation. It enables me to come back to center throughout the day.

8. I can only change the world by allowing true change to occur within my own life experience.

9. The energy behind my actions is at least as important as the actions themselves. (Example: I used to write and publicly read my political poetry. Even though the content of these poems was sometimes thought-provoking, I wrote and read them feeling angry. At best, I was preaching to the choir, and at worst, provoking and alienating the very people I hoped to persuade.)

10. Don't split hairs. Some people say, "God is in the details". I say, "God is in everything.

Related to #10, I'm not even sure if that was a manifesto. But, whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it.

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