Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Part Deux: Getting Rid of Stuff--The Agony, and the Ecstasy

I have started my Spring Cleaning (as promised yesterday) of this blog.

I've gone through last year's posts (there were 5, I think), and all of January's and got rid of a bunch.

It's weird to delete something that I've written off this blog, because I have no record of it.

On the one hand, it's tempting to save things "for posterity", or something. I mean, it will only take space on my computer, right?

Wrong! It takes up space in my psyche.

Of course, I try not to get rid of things willy-nilly.

But, I realized something not too long ago.

If I want to invite the new into my life (new poetry, new ideas, new relationships, new energy in long-standing relationships), I have to make room. That means that certain things must go.

It takes courage. (Even when what I'm getting rid of is mostly crap, it my crap, and I'm somehow attached.)

But, it's like a really hot bath. You wince when you get in, and it takes a good couple minutes for you to ease fully into the water. But, it feels more and more wonderful as you relax. And, when you emerge from the sweating and scrubbing, you are so CLEAN!

Hope you are all (or will be soon--those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, that is) experiencing the renewal of Spring.


  1. Can you believe the first novel I read as a youth was, "The Agony and the Ecstasy?" That explains a lot :-)

    Tabula Rasa! When my old computer crashed, and I had to completely restore the hard drive, at first I was distraught, then suddenly, it felt great to start over from the clean slate. Kind of like sticking a fork in a toaster lol!

  2. Yes, it never ceases to amazing me how many times I'm dragged kicking and screaming into that which is best for me.

    And, even though I know resistance is futile, I resist like crazy sometimes.