Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not Fighting Life (or, Change I Can Really Believe In)

I've reached this point in my life where change seems to just happen. Which is an illusion, because I've actually laid the groundwork for it. Or, maybe I've been led, and the groundwork has been laid. Let me explain.

The most recent example of this is the fact that we moved from in town to just outside of town. This happened in July. So, I decided it would be good for me to walk into town, where I work (about 3.5 miles). After hoofing it awhile, I started jogging, then running portions. It happened on its own.

Then, in November, during the first serious cold weather (we live in Carbondale, Colorado), my car started to spew sweet smelling smoke. To make a long story a little shorter, my used car would have taken at least a couple thousand to repair. So, I donated it to charity. That means these days, hoofing it to work is less of a choice, and more of a necessity.

Now the snow is deep, and it is COLD, many mornings (yesterday, it was frost on my eyelashes cold). But, I've got my high boots, and I've got my Yak Trax (these nifty things you put on the bottom of your footwear to keep you from slipping on the ice), and I'm just fine.

Most of my life, I haven't been much into exercise, fitness or the great outdoors. But now I'm into all these things, and it has led me to deeper places. I'm developing more independence, more self-reliance, more toughness (in a good way) and more will. More confidence, more connection, more stillness and more strength. I credit this in part to not resisting life. If and when I need a car, it will find me.

And all this change was not forced, it flowed. So, that's the kind of change I can truly believe it.


  1. And that is the change that stays cause it is effortless. Keep centred in that truth and self belief. I enjoyed your post just wanted to say keep writing

  2. Thanks so much. Encouragement is always welcome.

    I'm going to visit your blog soon.